Thursday, October 27, 2005

The “sítio SOP”

Saving Our Planet is a task that belong's to everyone so, we citizens of world have decided to take action...

The facts are there for anyone who wants to see them. No doubt there will always be development thouth is has to be sustainable...

Our “headquarter” in Oporto, where we are promoting sustainable development.

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We intend to spread the word all over the world but just now we're a local organization based in Oporto

Our activities are:

  • Recycling
  • Environmental and workplace analysis
  • Risk analysis and safety projects

Translation and localization of documents





Recycle arte

A fomer family litle kind of farm-house in an area of growing urbanization awaiting to become another "piece of ciment" was recovered completely (or nealry) to become the host of the activities above. When doing that we have used 3 trucks of recycled and reused materials. What was before an abandoned place is now our center for socialization and activities...